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Consumer Comments


"Paul has an immense knowledge of things to try and adapts what is available. I would not have imagined I could get this kind of help and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"Already things have improved tremendously. I am able to lift my legs at the end of my work day and actually walk without extreme pain for a short period of time after work."


"The appointment scheduling was completely at my convenience and the assessment was 100% about me and my comfort and needs. Paul Schwartz was extremely nice and very helpful!"


"Paul did great :)"


"He asked good questions and my input to make sure everything would be most beneficial and allow me to work for longer intervals."


"Paul came to my home and made sure of measurements- he hauled equipment in and out that was heavy and during the bitter cold. I appreciate the effort!"


"I have found everything very helpful."


"Great Guy!"


"My meeting with Paul was very informative."


"Paul listened carefully to my concerns during the assessment inspection, and he addressed those concerns to my satisfaction."



"I was treated like a productive member of society, not like someone who became disabled. The ability to work and feel a sense of worth is very important to me. I will be able to do it in much better comfort!"


"Paul came to my home to see what they could do to make a better workstation for my back problems in a chair I had purchased. He was so considerate and I was floored when I didn't have to pay for it. I use it almost every day and makes the work I do at home so much faster and easier."


"Paul is extremely knowledgeable and everything fit together perfectly. Thank you so very much!!"


"Paul was able to travel to my location when I was unable to."


"I could not be more thrilled by all the wonderful things that brought me!! The chair is working out SO very well, and the headphones are MAGNIFICENT!! I'm finding myself wishing I could take them both with me everywhere I go. I'm already spoiled :)."


"My counselor told me you were the best, and I couldn't agree more! You have proven yourself unquestionably, in my opinion. It had been an absolute pleasure working with you, & I hope to have the chance to see you again sometime."


"Paul was awesome"


"The dragon works the best for me. Paul was very helpful. He went over the equipment thoroughly. Paul had me use the software until I felt comfortable with the programs."


"Paul really took his time to go over the technology. He was very professional yet personable."


"Paul even gave me his phone number to call if I had any further questions. I did call Paul when I was at college with a tech question and he was very helpful. The software programs have helped me so much."



"With Paul's help, I feel like I can do things that I have had extreme difficulty executing. The tools he's suggested have provided me with the peace of mind and wholeness"


"The appointment scheduling was completely at my convenience and the assessment was 100% about me and my comfort and needs. Paul Schwartz was extremely nice and very helpful!"


"There was a change in my job functions right as eval was done & install was coming. Paul went out of his way, coming to me for the eval on a state holiday because it was so much easier for me. Paul moved things along quickly BUT did not rush through anything I had questions on."


"Paul is absolutely exceptional"


"Paul took his time. He explained all the technology in depth."



"Paul has gone the extra 10 miles to assist me in reaching my career goals. I am always surprised at how thoughtful and through he is with suggestions"


"Very understanding. Paul gave good suggestions."


"Paul was very helpful and pleasant to work with."


"Paul was great to work with.  He followed through and got the ball rolling."


"Mr. Schwartz was very kind and thorough."


"Paul was friendly + knowledgeable"


"He fast-tracked it due to time constraints - Having worked with Paul previously he was somewhat familiar w/ my needs."


The best thing about my Assistive Technology Assessment was:


"Working with Paul"


"Working with others that actually care about me as a person"


"Paul's knowledge and demonstration of the SMART pen was impressive"


"Advice on things I could try right away that would make my job less painful. Also, suggestions that I

would never have thought to ask."


"I can hardly wait for an easier and more comfortable way to work. I can even recline more and still work when my back is bad. The whole computer and stand can move to the office when I have company :)"


"Getting the products to improve my environment/ workspace"


"Having Paul assist beginning to end with "hands-on" the entire time."


"How knowledgeable Mr. Schwartz was to my needs."


Rehab Counselor Comments:


"Timely, easy to understand reports, and I like the itemized list of suggestions and prices. If we need to order things, it's right there."


"Thank you-very comprehensive compared to other AT assessment vendors!"


"Detailed reports and excellent recommendations in making sure that the consumer is able to retain their job."


"They look at all options available and look at what will work best for the consumer and their situation. They are quick to respond and keep you updated along the way."


"Paul was able to schedule my consumer on very short notice to coincide with another assessment he was doing in the area. This saved a lot of time & travel."


"The report was thorough and easy to understand."


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